Mcturing Laseron S9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

8.4/10 (Expert Score)
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McTURING Laseron S9 is the world-class 3000 Pa High suction LiDAR 2.0 Based robot vacuum that works with an upgraded multi-map SLAM algorithm for real-time mapping, faster speed, higher accuracy, and longer scanning range. The robot smartly deals with complicated surroundings and scans the entire floor meticulously. Also, it cleans various types of dust and floors by using its 18 Cleaning modes, Silent operation, and room management system.


  • [McTURING] – Proficiency in designing and manufacturing world-class robotic appliances
  • [3000 Pa Strongest suction] – Comes up with strong ever suction of 3000 Pa with variable suction power according to user needs, Specially researched 23000 rpm upgraded BLDC suction motor with 15 years of life makes the suction quality more reliable.
  • [HYBRID+ Separate tank] – 350 ml Water + Dust tank with smart control and big sized 600 ml dedicated dust tank to get clean more and more
  • [Y and Z shaped cleaning] – Specially designed cleaning modes for the Indian home cleaning ecosystem, S-Pattern helps in cleaning large areas with efficient battery usage. Y-Pattern simulates the manual mopping effect with dual direction repeated wiping for an intense deep clean.
  • [LiDAR 2.0 Multi map technology] – LiDAR Navigation with AI technology, it’s 2X faster than an ordinary LiDAR module, scanning the whole house faster and perfect for large houses.
  • [Smart room management and zone cleaning] – Create different rooms and schedules, No-Go zones, virtual walls, area-wise cleaning schedules, etc. from the mobile app. Multi-floor mapping for 5 Maps, Creating custom modes, voice control using Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Smart things.
  • [Unique Automation features] – Automatic Charging, Resume cleaning, Smart docking, Auto docking in low battery mode, Baby mode cleaning, and Scenario creation support in the smart home app.
Last updated on June 19, 2024 1:18 am


Mcturing Laseron S9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Mcturing Laseron S9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a great tool for keeping your home clean. It has powerful suction, an advanced navigation system, and intelligent cleaning algorithms that make it one of the best robot vacuums on the market. The S9 can easily navigate around furniture, corners, and other obstacles to provide thorough coverage of all surfaces in your home. Its high-efficiency filter captures fine dust particles as small as 0.3 microns so you don’t have to worry about allergens getting into your airways or settling onto carpets or hard floors during cleaning sessions. Additionally, its large dustbin capacity ensures that it can collect more dirt before needing emptying than most other robotic vacuums on the market today – up to 1 liter at a time!

Mcturing Laseron S9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner- Lidar 2_0 Navigation

The Mcturing Laseron S9 also comes with several useful features such as automatic charging when needed, scheduling via voice command through Alexa/Google Home integration, and even app control from anywhere in the world using Wi-Fi connectivity! Plus it boasts long battery life so you won’t need to constantly recharge after every use – up to 2 hours per charge depending on the surface type being cleaned which means less hassle for busy households who want their homes kept spotless without having too much effort involved in upkeep maintenance chores like this one!

Mcturing Laseron S9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner- Different Modes Of Efficient

3000 Pa highest suction gives you the freedom to Clean on any surface with any amount of dust! with your choice! McTURING has different cleaning types for sweeping and mopping.

Robot which can Think and Process, Navigate and Create!

Mcturing Laseron S9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner- Automatic Recharge

McTURING’s specialized robots have Cortex M7 multi-core processor which thinks and processes like a pro, LiDAR Navigation which creates highly accurate MAP. Enjoy smart features like Resume cleaning, Breakpoint cleaning, Auto charging, smart docking, and smart mopping.

Control Universally with APP, Remote, and Voice control.

Mcturing Laseron S9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner- resume From Breakpoint You are free to control it in various ways like Remote, APP, and voice control, with a package of exciting app features of Live mapping, Room management, zonal cleaning, spot cleaning, virtual walls, and schedule cleaning.

Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable robot vacuum cleaner then look no further than Mcturing’s Laseron S9 model; its powerful suction capabilities combined with smart navigation technology make sure nothing gets left behind while providing convenience & ease of use thanks largely due innovative features like voice commands & remote access via smartphone apps etcetera – all these factors come together making this product an excellent choice anyone wanting keep their house neat tidy without spending too much time doing manual labor themselves!

8.4Expert Score
McTuring S9 Robot Vacuum
The Mcturing Laseron S9 performs decently on a high-pile carpet. It maneuvers effectively even on densely-woven carpets and clears various kinds of debris on this surface, though it struggles somewhat with finer material. Its surface detection system enables it to raise its brush roll on carpeted floors, so it shouldn't get stuck on thicker carpeting. However, it does incur somewhat high recurring costs.
Build Quality
User Maintenance
Dirt Compartment
  • LiDAR 2.0 Navigation
  • Strong Suction Power 3000Pa
  • Vacuums and Mops Simultaneously as well in one go
  • Anti-falling, Anti-collision, Anti-tangling
  • 3 In 1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • 160 min Runtime
  • it cannot work on 5.0 MHZ wifi
  • Struggles with fine debris on carpeted surfaces.
  • The body of the product is not made of durable plastic

Price History

Price history for MecTURING LASERON S9 PRO Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with LiDAR 2.0 Navigation, WiFi, 3000 Pa Strong Suction, 3200 mAH Battery, 2 in 1 Robotic Vacuum,Dry + Wet Cleaning, APP + Remote + Voice Controlled
Latest updates:
  • Rs. 29,999 - June 3, 2024
  • Rs. 24,900 - May 21, 2024
  • Rs. 26,999 - April 4, 2024
Since: April 4, 2024
  • Highest Price: Rs. 29,999 - June 3, 2024
  • Lowest Price: Rs. 24,900 - May 21, 2024

Technical Database

Technical Database

Rated Suction Power: – 3000Pa

Navigation: – LiDAR 2.0

Dust Tank: – 600ml

Wet combo tank: – 350 ml+ 250 ml

Number of Maps saves: – 5

Cleaning function: – Mop+ Vacuum, Mop, Vacuum+ Sweep only.

Battery: – 3000 mAh, 100-140 min/ Charge

Filter Type: – 3 layered HEPA6

WiFi Support: – 2.4G Wifi connectivity

Power consumption: – 30 W

Virtual walls: – Yes

Room Management: – Yes

Y and Z-shaped cleaning: – Yes

Cleaning Technology: – Cyclone suction, Ultra Fine air filter, HEPA6 Filter, Three tier cleaning

Processor: – Multicore

Height/ Diameter: – 95mm/ 315mm

Technical Details

Technical Details

Brand: – ‎McTURING

Model Name: – ‎McTURING LASERON S9

Item model number: – ‎LASERON S9

Surface Recommendation: -‎Hard Floor, Tiles, Carpet

Color: – Smoke Black

Controller Type: – Voice Control

Filter Type: – ‎HEPA6

Voltage: – 14.8 Volts

Power Source: – ‎Battery Powered

Are Batteries Included: – Yes

Control Method: – App

Compatible Devices: – ‎Smartphones, Amazon Echo, Tablets, Google Home

Form Factor: – Robotic

Manufacturer: – ‎Turing Eastland Pvt Ltd



Warranty:-  18 months

In The Box:-

  • 1 Main Unit
  • 1 Docking station
  • 1 Adapter
  • 1 Mop Cloth
  • 1 Pair of Side brushes attached
  • 1 Dust Collector Attached
  • 1 Water Tank
  • 1 User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • 1 Remote Control
  • 1 Cleaning Brush

Reviews (20)

20 reviews for Mcturing Laseron S9 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

3.8 out of 5
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  1. Stephanie Potter

    Pros: Good suction power. Useful for spot cleaning.

    Cons: None of the modes are consistent as far as surface area that gets covered. There are always huge sports left untouched. Sometimes it will randomly shut of with no error or being caught somewhere. I’ve also had to clean so much hair out of the brushes.

    I pretty much have to babysit this thing to make sure It’s cleaning where it needs to clean, which basically defeats the purpose of a robot vacuum. You get what you pay for, and next time I’ll pay more for something more effective.

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  2. PaulK OC

    The vacuum cleaner copes well with its functions. Sometimes it turns around in place for about a minute, then continues cleaning. Removes clean enough. Until they purchased and knew how much debris accumulates every day, even the day after the general cleaning with the usual vacuum cleaner and washing the floors, as well as the food. Probably like that for everyone who has pets. Therefore, I definitely recommend.

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  3. John G

    Easy set up and seems to do its job. Just like other robot vacuumes I’ve had it does have a difficult time finding it’s charging station and from time to time gets caught in a circle. But seems to do well with covering most of the area. The app is basic and easy to use.

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  4. GY

    I have had this A80 model for a few months now. The best thing about having this machine is that I can actually make my kids pick up all of their toys everyday! I tell them that if the robot can run in your room, that means you have half of your daily cleaning task done. I have to say that the robot has really helped me keep the house more organized and clean. Granted, some of the deep cleaning still needs to be done by myself but the robot can take care of most of the sweeping/maintenance need in the house. Sometimes I do need to move the robot around to cover more space. For the vacuuming function, A80 can run on both the carpet and hardwood floor pretty smoothly. I use it on the first floor. It won��t fall off the stairs( to our basement), it��s relatively quiet and the suction power(adjustable on the app) is pretty good. I can set my daily cleaning schedule, check cleaning history, and check the battery status on the app pretty easy. If the machine gets stuck, I can check the app for the reason, like too much hair getting stuck in the roller or the main brush needs to be cleaned. It would be nice if it can directly tell me the reason and then I find that their A10 model has that voice feature, which is nice. Maybe I can add that to my robot fleet. For the self-docking function, the robot is pretty intelligent. After one to two times, it seems to familiarize itself with the cleaning area and can go back to the charging station by itself without any problem. However, sometimes it fails to get back especially if I move the machine around too much. Maybe the complexity of the house plays a trick on it or I simply pick the machine up and move it around too much? After I section the area off by those virtual wall barriers and avoid manually moving the robot around, the situation improves and the robot can return to its charging station more consistently. The other solution I can think of is to get another robot with the virtual wall/block separating them into two cleaning zones. Overall it is a good machine for its price. I will recommend it to my friends.

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  5. Gordon Frank

    This vacuum has very strong suction but the higher the setting the lower the battery life. Also there’s nothing random about the auto cleaning mode, it seems to repeat clean the same area everytime. S-shaped cleaning mode seems to work best however, I’ve noticed that scheduled cleaning is only good for one week and doesn’t repeat.

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  6. Tiff

    Excellent for families with kids, pet fur,. I love that the vacuum auto detects carpet! It suctions more when a carpet is underneath, without me adjusting it! The spot cleaning feature is helpful under my son’s chair after dinner. The edge function helps immensely with dog fur. In the past, on other vacuums, we occasionally misplaced the remote. Having access to the vacuum on my phone via wifi has been fantastic! The boundary sensor guard is the most important thing to my kiddos, because we are able to guard their LEGO creations behind the sensor to keep them safe.

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  7. Joanna

    Long battery life and great for hardwood floors! I have had this robot vacuum for a little over a week now and love it! With a toddler in the house, there seems to be no end of crumbs and dirt on my floors. Between the main brush and two side brushes, this little guy hardly misses a spot. We have all wooden floors and floor rugs, and this vacuum has no trouble switching between either one. Battery life is over an hour which gives plenty of time to cover my kitchen, dining room, living room, and entertainment space before needing a recharge. Best of all, this can all happen while I am relaxing on the couch…or changing a diaper 😀 I have found that it cleans in a consistent pattern and can get into those hard-to-reach spaces, like under the edge of my table legs or under my couch. I have been so pleased with this vacuum and would highly recommend!

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  8. Julie

    10/10 would recommend! This ILife robot vacuum is very user friendly, easy to empty

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  9. Kerry.Hughes

    Easy to set up. Just perfect for a birthday gift. I bought twice so I could also try since it is not that expensive, plus the features look really convincing. It did not disappoint me because when I used it, it performs a quick, thorough, and effective cleaning job.

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  10. YAO

    Only worth the discounted price. Easy to operate. However, there is a rather loud sound during use. My dog is afraid of this sound. It is also not too smart. It often gets stuck under the sofa. It also knocks over vases on the floor.

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  11. Carol

    Eclipse Pro not so good. Beware. This one is going back to the store. I have a Eclipse that does not self empty that has been great. This one never mapped my house. Every time it ran, it just went over the same area. Finally,it started going in circle and I had to disconnect the battery to get it to stop running! I am going to try the Nova Pro with LiDAR and if it’s no better then I’m going to try another brand. The Eclipse barely ran for 60 mins before it needed to be recharged, not 120 mins like it is advertised. Also I have notice that the positive reviews are all from earlier in 2022. The bad reviews are after Oct, 2022. Wondering if ihome is selling reconditioned vacs as new. If this Nova is no better, I will writing another review, you can bet. Stay tuned.

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  12. George

    Save your money. The suction is actually pretty good. The rest of the functions are terrible. It can’t find its way back to its base even when sitting right next to it. It constantly falls off the edge of my sunken living room after it has been through the room many times and should of had it mapped out already. It runs around aimlessly in all directions in a perfectly square room. Total waste of money. I have started a return for this product and will now purchase a better brand. The low cost of this is still not worth the aggravation you will have trying to get it to do what it’s supposed to.

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  13. Eddie

    Not Smart. Not smart at all, with No actual mapping and trouble returning to the station. Auto mode did not work, got stuck going back and forward in my hallway. I really tried to give it a chance but had to return it.

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  14. Larry

    I want ever buy an iHome product! The device was not as listed in the description.

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  15. Nathan

    Dead in 6 months. Lasted 6 months. Brush was constantly tangled in dog hair, it always died in the middle of a cycle and I would have to reset the schedule every time. It stopped making it back to its home within a month. Cheaply made, a clip broke off that keeps the storage in place. Spend the extra money on a bettet quality vacuum.

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  16. Marga

    Very satisfied. This Eclipse Pro packaged with a charging dock that automatically sucks all the debris out of the robot after a cleaning session. It works—and it makes owning a robot vacuum even easier.

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  17. Olivia

    Works but not exactly like I want. It’s… okay. Doesn’t exactly do what I want but it has powerful suction and gets the floors clean, I have dogs with thick dog hair and it clogs up the suction to the self emptying thing.

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  18. ilani

    We have to wait to get our daughter a service dog until she is older, but for Christmas I got a mechanical dog. The kids love it, it harasses Willow when she’s on the floor, you only have to give it a few crumbs and it’s happy. It keeps the house clean and then cleans up after itself, you don’t have to water it, it doesn’t bark. It is an ankle biter but once it realizes it’s hits you it it redirects its attention to something else. His name is Rover and it’s the best pet we’ve had.

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  19. michael

    Long time customer. Have had one for about 5 years. Had to replace 1 battery pack at about 4yrs. Buying another just like it to have a spare… we know this one won’t last forever . We love ours..!

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  20. Casey

    Great vacuum cleaner. We have two dogs and a cat, and this vacuum does an excellent job of collecting all of the fur. I can turn it on before I leave for work and come home to a spotless house.

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