Ant Esports Gaming Notebook Cooler with 6 Cooling Fans: Keeping Your Laptop Cool and Comfortable for Extended Gaming Sessions

Best value Ant esports nc10 gaming notebook cooler with 6 fan
Excellent cooling performance:
Customizable fan speeds
Ergonomic design
Built-in LED lighting
Wide compatibility

Experience uninterrupted gaming with the Ant Esports Gaming Notebook Cooler featuring six powerful cooling fans strategically placed to provide optimal airflow and eliminate hotspots. The cooler’s ergonomic design provides a comfortable angle, and the customizable fan speed controller lets you adjust the cooling performance to your liking. The built-in LED lighting adds a stylish touch to your gaming setup, and the wide compatibility range makes it a perfect investment for gamers of all levels. Invest in the ultimate cooling solution and elevate your gaming experience with Ant Esports Gaming Notebook Cooler.

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Keep Your Cool While Gaming

As a gamer, you know the importance of keeping your laptop cool during intense gaming sessions. Overheating can cause performance issues, system crashes, and even permanent damage to your hardware. That’s why investing in a good cooling solution like the Ant Esports Gaming Notebook Cooler with 6 Cooling Fans can make a huge difference.
Here are some key points to consider when looking at the Ant Esports Gaming Notebook Cooler:

Superior Cooling Performance
Ergonomic Design
Customizable Fan Speeds
LED Lighting
  • Excellent cooling performance:
  • Customizable fan speeds
  • Ergonomic design
  • Built-in LED lighting
  • Wide compatibility
  • No built-in USB hub
  • Bulky size
  • Fan noise

Superior Cooling Performance

The Ant Esports Gaming Notebook Cooler features six cooling fans that work together to provide excellent airflow and cooling performance. The fans are located strategically to provide optimal cooling for different areas of your laptop, ensuring that hotspots are eliminated.

Ergonomic Design

The cooler’s ergonomic design allows for comfortable use during extended gaming sessions. It raises your laptop to a more comfortable angle, reducing strain on your neck and wrists. The cooler also features non-slip pads to keep your laptop securely in place.

Customizable Fan Speeds

The cooler features a fan speed controller that allows you to adjust the fan speed to your desired level. This not only helps to reduce noise but also ensures that your laptop stays cool and comfortable, no matter how intense the gaming session gets.

LED Lighting

The Ant Esports Gaming Notebook Cooler comes with built-in LED lighting that adds a stylish touch to your gaming setup. The LED lights can be turned on or off as per your preference.


The cooler is compatible with laptops of various sizes, from 14 to 17 inches. It can accommodate a wide range of gaming laptops, making it an excellent investment for gamers of all levels.

Price And Availability


The Ant Esports Gaming Notebook Cooler with 6 Cooling Fans is an excellent investment for any gamer who wants to keep their laptop cool and comfortable during intense gaming sessions. With its superior cooling performance, ergonomic design, customizable fan speeds, LED lighting, and wide compatibility, it’s the ultimate cooling solution for gamers. So, if you’re looking to elevate your gaming experience to the next level, the Ant Esports Gaming Notebook Cooler is a must-have accessory.

  1. Works well! There are times that I can hear my laptop fan running hard trying to keep the computer cool. Even having it on a hard surface, and not blocked, it still runs hard sometimes. So I was intrigued to try this cooling pad.
    Except for the words “CoolCold”, nothing else on the pad is in English. You don’t really need directions though. It’s pretty self explanatory. Just set your laptop on top of the pad. At the bottom there are little pieces you can flip up to hold your laptop from sliding down, and on the back, you can flip up a stand on each side, so the pad holds your laptop at an angle. Or you can us it flat.
    On the top edge of the pad are 2 USB ports. I have it plugged into my docking station, and that powers the pad. Next to the USB ports are 2 dials. Each works 3 fans on the pad. They are dials, so you can adjust the speed of the fan. 1 dial works 3 fans, and the other dial works the other 3. You can use all 6 fans, or just 3. Each fan has a red light on it that is lit up when the fan is on.
    The pad does work at keeping my laptop cooler. It is never hot when I hold the bottom of the laptop anymore, after being on the pad.
    The only negative about this pad is the sound of the fan. It’s not loud, but it’s not soft either. As you are working you will hear the fan running. It’s not disruptive, but you will notice it.

  2. Great Laptop Cooling Fan! Great plastic, included red led lights and a quite fan that does the job!

  3. Good quality. Nice looks. Received this yesterday. Really happy with the product. Got a nice sturdy build. Part metal, part plastic. Looks cool with the RED LEDs. The Fans are super quite. I didn’t even feel them running when i first plugged them on until I squinted to see through the mesh.
    Kept my laptop cooler all the time my son was playing video games. Otherwise it would become as hot as the sun.
    Has 2 buttons which controls 3 fans each. So you can turn on only 3 or 6 fans.
    Only issue I found was that, it didn’t seem to change the speed of the fans while spinning the fan switches. It seems to run in one constant speed. Anyways, that’s not a problem for me as such.
    Also, keep in mind, it is slightly wide. I have a 14 inch 16:9 screen laptop. The board was oversize all around.

  4. Really helps cooling. Even though I have what is called a ”gaming computer” I noticed was over heating on 1 or 2 games. Thinking I had problem with fans, took it into a tech where we found the battery had over heated and needed to be replaced. This cooling pad is helping to lower the temps in the computer so well worth the price

  5. SO COOL. This cooling pad has resolved my hot laptop problem perfectly!! I’ve been using a solid laptop desk and my machine was getting way too hot (you should have seen all the stuff I was putting under the laptop, trying to prop it up to get ventilation). My laptop now sits on the cooling pad, that is sitting on the solid laptop desk, that is sitting on my lap….I know that sounds cumbersome, but it works great (btw, both the cooling pad and the desk are extremely lightweight). The cooling pad has leg extensions that makes it slant (but not too steep) and my laptop does not slide and is actually a better angle (I can even see the keyboard better). The fans are quiet; I am aware of them, but they don’t bother me and best of all, my machine doesn’t even feel warm after being on for an hour! I’m so pleased this works!!! [Note: there are 2 plastic “baffles” (flaps) at the front you can pull up that will prevent your machine from sliding down…I learned this from reading the enclosed leaflet…go figure]

  6. Does the job. Just what our son needed at college!

  7. Works great! Keeps my gaming laptop cool! Definitely recommend! No more hot lap from the laptop feeling like it’s gonna over heat

  8. Cooling Pad. Great cooling pad here,Really does the job.

  9. Came broken and when I sent a email they never got back to me

  10. Satisfied. It arrived on time, works good, and its quiet.

  11. great product. my daughter loves to play on our gaming laptop and i needed something to keep it from getting hot. she is bad about blocking the fans on the bottom of the laptop. this works perfect bc it props it up and has multiple fans to keep it cool.

  12. very noisy fans even at minimum speed. very noisy fans even at minimum speed

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